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NE65plus is using to record and report on Member Race Results. will also track your progress from month to month; compare your results from year to year, and keep track of your Event PR's, and your PR's for each new five year age group.

All results entered by individual NE65 members will be included on Club Result Reports on the website. This includes a "Club Race Mile YTD" report that displays the total number of races run and the total miles run for each club member by month.

How to Join

First step is to go to

Click on the Join menu option and complete the form:

Create a unique Login User Name: Enter a login name.

(Note: Login names are case sensitive.)

Complete the rest of the fields and click on submit.

After you submit your request, it may take a day or two to setup your new account.

You will receive an email to let you know when your account is ready.

The email will include a document with instructions on how to enter Race Results.

These instructions are also available below the Help Menu Option on