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Jerry's Run For All Ages

State Banner Races - Each of the six New England states, designates one banner race

per year.

NE65+ Race Endorsement Program - Describes program requirements

Endorsed Races by Date

Endorsed Races by State by Date

Historical Endorsed Races - Prior Year listings on Endorsed Races


Results: Add New, View Old - This is a link to SAVEMYRESULTS.COM.

This site is used by members to enter and view race results.

YTD Member Race Results - This is a link to a report showing all member race results for the current year, that were entered in SAVEMYRESULTS.COM

YTD Club Race Miles - This is a link to reports showing:

Race Miles YTD By Month For NE65plus Members

Race Miles YTD By Member For NE65plus

Total Club Member Races Run YTD

Total Club Member Race Miles Run

How to Record Results This page describes how to use SAVEMYRESULTS.COM to enter your race results.

Boston Marathon Results - Report showing NE65 Plus Member results in previous Boston Marathons. (Currently missing 2021 results.

Historical Race Results - Historical Race Results for NE54Plus member races from 2010 - 2020. (Results had been collected from Cool Running before it shut down.)

Strava - Instructions on how members can join the NE65Plus Club on Strava.

all member race results for the current year, that were entered in SAVEMYRESULTS.COM

Member Info

Join - See how easy it is to Join NE65Plus Running Club.

Include links to online and mail-in Application Forms

Store - Check out the items of NE65Plus clothing available for purchase.

Club Awards - Annually the club presents the following awards:

Hall Of Fame

Rev. Joe Shea Award

Race Director of the Year

Lou Peters Longevity Award

Check out the Club Awards Page for details on nomination and election procedures related to these awards.

Annual Luncheons - This page contains details about all previous NE65 Plus Luncheons. (2021 Annual Luncheon needs to be added.)

Boston Marathon Lottery - Guidelines to enter the NE65 Plus Lottery for a Boston Marathon Waiver. (As of 2-16-2022, these guidelines are being re-evaluated.)

Spirit of 65+ Challenge - Complete 1000 or more miles of running/walking in a year and join the 1000 Mile Club. (Note the 100+ Race Mile Club will be re-activated after COVID concerns are addressed.)

NE65 Club Records - New England 65 Plus Running Club USATF Records and Championships

1000 Mile Club YYYY - List of NE65Plus Members that complete 1000 or more miles of run/walk.

100+ Race Mile Cub - List of NE65Plus Members that complete 100+ Miles of racing.

Strava - Instructions on how to join the NE65Plus Running Club on Strava.

Bylaws - NE65Plus Bylaws


Club Information