Directors Responsibilities

New England 65 Plus Runners Club - Directors Responsibilities

  • Work with the other director(s) in your state to constantly review races for the following:

  • 5 year age groups from 65 to at least 90 plus

  • Get members and others to report races and race director contact information to you for races that do not conform to the club’s guidelines above.

  • Contact race director and inform them of our club and the Endorsement Program

  • Obtain a list of members in your state from the Webmaster. Periodically follow up on the list for current and correct information. Report corrections to the Webmaster.

  • Determine the Banner race for your State and work with the other director(s) to promote it.

  • Pick the go to person for the banner race and ask the race director for permission to set up a tent and table with our banner.

  • Plan opportunities for members to get together in addition to the banner races, Endorsed races, and annual luncheon.

  • Encourage runners who are age eligible to join the club.

  • Contact new members in your state to welcome them.

  • Contribute to the e-news and the website with state news

  • Respond to email (or other manners of inquires) from members within 48 hours

At Large Director’s

  • Work with State Director(s) where needed.