ME News as of 10/

In Maine one of the older races is the Great Pumpkin 10K in Saco on

a flat fast course.

There were many club members there both racing and volunteering.The group photo has many but not all that were there. It was good to see Mike

Brooks and his dog, HOF member and author. Mike is no longer competing. It is understandable after over 500 marathons and many ultra races.

The fine announcing was done by Steve Moland. We wish his wife Judy well who

was somewhat under the weather. David Colby Young and Allyn Genest did the photos

There were 10 year age groups with Bob MacKinnon 3rd in the 60 age group and Margaritt Mc Nulty 2nd and Sue Dubois 3rd in the 70. We need to get Carol Fanning in the club.The men took all 3 awards in the 70 with Martin Donlon running a 77.8 age graded, followed by Ralph Carmona and Ron Paquette. Jerry LeVasseur won the 80, being the only one.

The weather was great for running.

Photos can be found at (11) Allyn Genest | Facebook and

Collection: 2022 Great Pumpkin 10K (

News as of 10/23/2022

The New England 65 + RC was the 1st club team at the Fair Election 5K

in memory of club member John Howe held on October 23 in Falmouth, Maine.

From left to right facing the photo:

David Colby Young, Allyn Genest, Bob MacKinnon, Mike Nixon, Jerry LeVasseur,

Bill Vickerson and Bob Randall.

Link to photos Fair Election 22 | Flickr

ME News as of 10/2/2022

Maine Marathon

Sunday October 2 the Maine Marathon, Half and Relay directed by member Bob Dunfy went off on a cool windy day. There were 1434 Half finishers and 747 Full finishers.

The club members did great with several age group winners.

In the full Phil Pierce was 1st in the 80 age group. In the 65 Floyd Lavery was 3rd and Bob MacKinnon was 4th.

In the half Jan Brett was 1st in the 70 age group, Ernst Linder was 1st in 65, in the 70 Martin Donlon was 1st followed by Ralph Carmona, In the 75 Zeke Zucker was 1st with Terry Clark 3rd, in the 80 Jerry LeVasseur was 1st.

I was concerned about the distance since I had gone no more than a 10K in the past 8 months. .I usually do the Bradbury 9 and 12 mile trail runs which gives me a good base for the half. I also was back on the hormone treatment for prostate cancer which in a month's time reduced my PSA but also has a negative effect on my endurance .A short distance into the race I saw Bill Vickerson ahead so I ran to catch up to my hero of the day. He told me he was going to walk but run down hill. I said great and now had a running partner which helps on a long distance like this. Bill also mentioned he recently recovered from covid and before that a stroke.We stayed within our target the halfway turnaround.

After mile 8 Bill said his leg was sore and wasn't walking as fast. He would fall back and then run to catch up which he said he was comfortable with. After mile 9 he was a little behind and I thought he would catch up. At mile 10 I could not see him. Since we were to finish together and his presence helped me, I wanted to slow and wait for him but I was hurting and I knew if I stopped I would cramp.

I went on at a steady pace which was faster than the 1st half but 10 minutes slower than last year. I stayed near the finish to greet Bill but the cold was getting to me. I went back to my car which was close by and rested and warmed up a little. We were to go to the beer garden so I went to find Bill.

He was nowhere in sight so I got a nice milk stout and watched for Bill to finish .

It was now almost 40 minutes since I finished and then there he was limping and doing a run to the finish. I met him at the finish and he said he was glad I went on since he had cramped and was concerned he wouldn't finish. The tough guy finished and I thanked him since he helped me keep a pace. Bill is my hero and has participated in many of our club team runs.

Jerry LeVasseur.

Additional Photos of Maine Marathon:

Maine Marathon 22 NE 65+ and friends Edited | Flickr

ME News as of 8/7/2022

Beach to Beacon 2022

Margaritt Mcnulty

How do we celebrate running coming back to Maine? Running the Beach to Beacon 10k which is reportedly the most coveted bib in Maine. After a 2 year absence Beach to Beacon was run August 6! Hot, humid and a ton of fun! It was great to connect with runners that we have not seen in FOREVER and to see the families running together!

So many New England 65+ runners participated in the race that I would undoubtedly miss many names if I tried to list them all.

What a showing we had and congratulations to our members who medaled.

NE65 at B2B Courtesy 0f B2B Edited | Flickr

Thanks for the great pictures Jerry and to the 65+ 1st place team members!

See many of you I hope at the Maine Marathon/1/2Marathon/relay!

Jerry LeVasseur

Courtesy of B2B Edited

Club Age Group Winners

2231 Arlene Hanson

3527 Floyd Lavery

7389 Steve Cryer

5534 Rudy Kelley

900 Dave Barnard

3586 Poly Keenniston

Link NE 65 at B2B Courtesy of B2B Edited | Flickr

ME News as of 8/5/2022

link NE 65 at Blue Lobster by Allyn Genest Edited | Flickr

Photo of Team NE 65

ME News as of 7/26/2022

Link to Senior Games

Maine Senior Games 22 NE 65 and friends | Flickr

Link to Peaks Island

NE 65 and friends at Peaks Island 5 miler | Flickr

Club members age group winners

Sue Dubois Dave Barnard

ME News as of 7/23/2022

There were 2 events on a hot Saturday July 23 in Maine

The Peak's Island 5 miler and the Maine Senior Games road races.

The Peak's, which also offered a virtual 5 miler, is a part of the Maine Track Club Grand Prix

There were a good number of NE 65 + doing the race. See photo.

Those that placed in their age groups were Sinthy Kounlasa 2nd, Sue Dubois 1st, Margaritt McNulty 3rd, Bob Kennedy 2nd, Denis Dubois 3rd, Dave Barnard 1st and Phil Pierce 2nd.

There were 3 races in Sanford for the Senior Games. The 10K was run 1st with the mile 2nd followed by the 5K. The 10 and 5K were qualifiers for Nationals in Pittsburgh in 2023.

In the 10K age group results were Rudy Kelley, Steve Viegas and Jerry LeVasseur placing 1st. David Young was 2nd who also did the mile placing 1st. David was a busy man competing in and taking photos ,when not competing, in the Tuesday Corporate Track Meet in South Portland, then in the Senior Games on Saturday followed that night in the Maine USATF meet in Augusta. In the 5k Joan Trembreth and Bob Randall won their age groups. Thanks to Joan 2 new club members participated with Marcia Feller placing 2nd in her age group in the 5k and Bob Murray placing 2nd in the 10K and 3rd in the 5K in his age group.

ME News as of 7/16/2022

The Maine Senior Games Track & Field was held 7/16 at St Joseph's new track. The meet was well run with many volunteers on a very good track.

A number of club members competed

Photo Jerry LeVasseur, Mike Towle, David Young, Sam Lewbel. Steve Viegas,

Bob Randall, Rudy Kelly

Jerry 4 gold, 1 silver Mike 2 Gold, David 2 Silver, 1 bronze, 2 4th Sam 1 Gold, 1 Bronze Steve 1 silver, 1 Bronze Bob 2 Gold, Rudy 2 Gold

Photo taken by Arden LeVasseur who had 3 golds and 2 age group records

Where were the club women.

ME News as of 7/12/2022

Several club members do the Trail Monster Running Bradbury trail running series of 6, 9 and 12 miles. If all races are completed the participant gets a Bad Ass hoddy at the end of the 12 mile race.

At the 6 mile Scuffle on July 10 club members Margaritt McNulty and Ron Paquette won their age groups.

See photos and photo of members at the race.

Other photos at Brad Scuffle 6 mile 22 | Flickr

ME News as of 7/10/2022

Sunday evening 7/10 5 members ran in the Windham Center 5K. They were

Bob Randall, Bill Vickerson, Bob Mac Kinnon, Rebecca Tracy and Marla Keefe.

Not only did they win the club team award Marla, Bob R, Bill and Bob M. won their age groups and Bob M was 4th overall.

Photos at Windham Center 5K 2022 | Flickr

Photos of Race Director Tony Myatt and member David Young of

Maine running Photos.

ME News as of 7/9/2022

At the July 8th Moxie 5 K club members Sue and Dennis Dubois won their age groups ( see photos ) while Jerry LeVasseur was 2nd in his. There were over 500 registered runners. Steve Moland did the announcing and Don Penta and David Colby Young took photos.

Here is a link to photos

ME News as of 7/5/2022

A number of New England 65 plus Runners Club ran in the LLBean 4th of July 10k

Arlene Hansen, Martin Donlon, Zeke Zucker and David Barnard won their age groups. Phil Pierce.was 2nd and Jim Toulouse, Terry Clark and Jerry LeVasseur were 3rd in their age groups.

It was a good day for running on a hilly course.

Photo of Jerry, Dave and Phil all in the 80 + age group.

Group photo is Bob Dunfey, the eighty group and Zeke Zucker

The individual photo is new member Renee Adele

Photos can be found at

LL Bean 10k NE 65 Plus and Friends Allyn Genest Photos Cropped | Flickr

ME News as of 6/19/2022

The NE 65 Plus Maine members were Team Club Champions at the

Gorham 4 mile on Thursday night 6/16 and at the Raccoon 5K run on

6/19. At the Gorkam race Yuen Chun, Bob MacKiinnon, Zeke Zucker and Jerry LeVasseur won their age groups and at the Raccoon Bob MacKinnon, Bill Reilly

and Jerry LeVasseur won their age groups.

At the Luv to Run 5K Bob MacKinnon and Bill Vickerson won their age groups

Photos at

Individual photos of Bob MacKinnon and Bill Reilly

ME News as of 6/13/2022

At the Save Our Swinging Bridge 5k on June 12th the 3 club members, Yuen Chun, Zeke Zucker and Jerry LeVasseur all won their age groups.

ME News as of 6/10/2022

The club won another club team award at the Maine Running Hall of Fame 5K.

The Photo includes Bob MacKinnon, Bill Vickerson, Rebecca Tracy, Mike Nixon, Jerry LeVasseur, Bob Randall and Bon Payne

Bob MacKinnon and Bob Randall won their age groups.

At the popular Acadia Half Marathon and 10K Carol Weeks won her age group in the 10K and Yuen Chun placed 3rd and Zeke Zucker placed 2nd in their age groups in the Half Marathon. Zeke stopped to take photos ending up 43 seconds out of 1st place. Following is from Zeke.

Very early this morning Y & I toed the line at the Acadia Half Marathon in Bar Harbor.

They put her in the wave 20 minutes ahead of mine, so I did some quick calculation. Based on our respective estimated paces, I thought I’d catch up with her at about mile 6. I was a little off my estimate and she was ahead of hers. I didn’t see her until I was at about mile 12.8, and just couldn’t catch her. She crossed the finish about 25 seconds ahead of me.

At about mile 7 I pulled out my phone and played tourist, snapping the enclosed photo. Two runners with whom I’d been playing ‘tag’ passed me, but I was able to catch back up. The course did about 2/3 of the Park loop road, and included a bundle of long steep hills. Yuen kept picking off runners until her calf began cramping, but she hung in there and finished well. The ice cream at the post race made it worth the effort.

At the start it was 52 degrees, with a nice breeze, dropping humidity, sun and occasional clouds, so my best excuse (bad weather) was taken away. It only climbed a few degrees during the race, which we’d hardly noticed.

Yesterday we prepared by staying on our feet and browsing most of the gift shops in Bar Harbor.


ME News as of 5/19/2022

Six members from the New England 65 Plus Runners Club ran in a new race Sunday May 15. The Boots and Brews 5K in Freeport Maine had almost 300 finishers.

It is a challenging course but 2 beers to be selected from 4 local breweries awaited our finish.

For a 1st time race it was 1st class put on by the Greater Freeport Chamber of Commerce and excellently timed by Back Forty Events .

There were over 300 registered and age groups to 70. We mentioned to the race officials why the club promotes the older age groups and low and behold at awards an eighty was recognized with an award. The organization and volunteers had the course and all aspects of the race and after party well covered with friendliness and enthusiasm.

It is a race that should be attended.

Club members attending were Bill Vickerson, Joan Tremberth, Margaritt Mc Nulty, Yuen Chun, Zeke Zucker and Jerry LeVasseur. Margartt and Jerry placed 1st in their age groups and Yuen and Joan were 2nd.

Photos at

Boots and Brews by Ledgehill Photography | Flickr

Boots and Brews and NSG 4X100 | Flickr

ME News as of 5/10/2022

The Portland Sea Dogs Mothers Day 5K is back after 2 years off due to Covid.

Howard Spear, the race director, received the Club's Race Director of the Year award a

few years ago, because he puts on quality races with 5 year age groups to 90, as well

as giving the race proceeds to local charities. Howard was away in Italy, but his

talented crew put on a first class race, with 1,300 registered runners and 1,084

finishers. The only disappointment was that age groups only went to 80, while there

were two Club 85-year-olds running. If Howard were present, we believe he would have

added an 85+ division.

Club age group winners were Polly Kenniston, Bob Randall, Joan Tremberth, Sue

Dubois, Zeke Zucker and Tom Lubas. Others placing in their age groups were Donna

Sarasin, Margaritt McNulty, Bob MacKinnon, Denis Dubois, Bob McGuire, Charlie

Farrington and Jerry LeVasseur. This was an excellent 65+ Club turnout for the Maine

Flag Race. A number of Club members are missing from the photo, as there had to be

a least 20 in attendance. A kids race was included, and at the big race finish every

woman was given a pink carnation. (Zeke just can't resist: "no white sports coats were


The race starts on the street in front of the Sea Dogs stadium, and ends coming in at

center field and running down beside the 3rd base line, finishing at home plate. Sliding

into home was not allowed. This is a race that shouldn't be missed. We suggest that in

the future all Club members gather for a group photo at the Club tent 15 minutes before

the race start.

We'd be remiss if we forgot to praise those Club members that choose not to run, but

contribute their talents to ensure a fun and quality event. Ron Pelton is the excellent

announcer, in addition to being the R.D. of the famous Pat's Pizza Clam Festival 5-Miler.

Steve Moland is a superb announcer at numerous races, including Run for the Derby

and the Peaks Island 5-Miler. David Colby Young started Maine Running Photos,

providing photos and results for school meets and local races. Don Penta is an integral

part of Maine Running Photos, adding hundreds of shots for runners to see. David is

pictured getting the Runner-of-the-Year from the Maine Senior Games coordinator Jo

Dill. Don is pictured with his wife Carol, who helps at many races. Allyn Ginest

provides coverage of many meets via MRP photos and his own facebook site. Allyn

and David will soon become Club members. Allyn is on the right end of the large group

pre-race photos. We also want to thank the many other unsung Club members who

volunteer at races, for without their dedicated support the majority of the races simply

wouldn't happen. If we missed any of the hard-working Club members or any significant

information about the Sea Dogs race, please let us know.

Photos can be found at

Maine Running Photos

ME News as of 5/9/2022

The Maine contingent of the New England 65 Plus RC again won the club team award with Bill Vickerson, Jerry LeVasseur, Bob MacKinnon and Yuen Chun. Bill and Jerry also won their Age Group at the Dash for the Derby 5K on May 7th in Portland , Maine.

It wasn't as exciting as the Derby but the 4 feeling energized went on to run with the 1300 plus registered runners for the Sea Dogs Mothers Day 5K the next day.

ME News as of 3/11/2022

At the Irish Road Rover 5K in Portland on March 6 the team was second beaten by a younger Maine Track Club team. Carol Weeks and Zeke Zucker won their age groups. Linda Davis, Harry White and Jerry LeVasseur were 2nd in their age groups.

Photo Carol, Harry, Linda, Jerry and Zeke

There were 340 finishers on a fun hilly course with a little light rain.

ME News as of 1/20/2022

At the Jimmy The Greek 4 mile race Sunday a number of 65 Plus members competed. The team ended up 2nd to a younger Sabattus Club with both clubs receiving awards so it could be said that NE 65 won the older team award and Sabattus the younger.

Joan Tremberth, Bob Kennedy and Jerry LeVasseur won their age groups.

Bob's wife Anne would have won the race walking division if there was one.

In photo by Allyn Genest, soon to be a member, Anne Broussard, Anne's husband Bob Kennedy,Margaritt Mcnulty, JoanTremberth.

Other photo by member Don Penta:: Bill Reilly,Margaritt Mcnulty,Jerry LeVasseur, Bob Kennedy, Joan Tremberth, Mike Nixon and Bob MacKinnon

Photos are at Jimmy the Greek 4 mile | Flickr

ME News as of 12/14/2021

Several NE 65 Plus members did well in the Maine Track Club Grand Prix.

Races Both virtual and livel were carried over from 2020 with 6 races

included for 2021, There were virtual races in addition to the livel races.

For the virtual races all runners received 15 points toward overall standings and 10

for age group. Race distances ran from 2.5K to 50 miles

Joan Tremberth,Pat Bucklley, MIKe Nixon and Jerry LeVasseur won their age groups.

There were 30 or more runners in the age groups except 80 + where there were 6 men and 2 women. Other club members or soon to be members placing in age groups

were Linda Davis 3rd, Carol Weeks 7th, Polly Kenniston 2nd, Vince Quintana 2nd,,

Phil Pierce 4th, Zeke Zucker 6th and Bill Reilly 7th. In the top 10 overall were Jerry

LeVasseur 2nd, M[ke Nixon, 6th and Vince Quintana 7th.

Trail Monster Running puts on a series of trail races at Bradbury Mountain of 6,9 and 12 miles. Runners that complete all 3 get a " Bad Ass Hoodie ". Several NE 65 Plus

members earned the Hoodie: Margaritt McNulty, Linda Davis, Martin Donlon, Ron Peltion, Mike Nixon, Zeke Zucker and Jerry LeVasseur. Bob Dunfey missed the 1st race but did the more difficult ones.

There was no snowshoe series this year.

Picture of Zeke with his Hoodie.

ME News as of 11/23/2021

At the Maine Track Club Turkey Trot 5K several club members earned age group medals. Many more participated.

In December I plan to write a review of the year. If anyone would like to contribute please send it to me.

In photos Rebecca Tracy, Marla Keefe, Jerry LeVasseur, Joan Tremberth

Single photos ars Phil Pierce , Bill Reilly Mike Nixon and Margaritt McNulty

Large photo is of members, future members and friends

Photos are at


ME News as of 11/14/2021

Kick Out Mesothelioma 5-Miler

In Memory of John W. Griffin (1941-2003)

November 14, 2021

Several NE 65+ members ran this race

Rebecca Tracy, Bill Vickerson won theia age group and Bob Payne and Jerry LeVasseur tied for 1st in the 80 age group.

The club won the club team award for the twelfth time




41:47 1:21:35 1:21:35 1:32:13 = 4:57:10


Photo of team

Bob Payne,Rebecca Tracy,Bill Vickerson,Bob Mac Kinnon,

Jerry LeVasseur

Members at race

Allyn Genest is on Jerry's right. Allen took photos at the race

ME News as of 10/25/2021

The NE 65+ won the club team division at the Fair Election 5K I believe this 8 0r 9 wins this year

Phil and Joan won their age groups. In the past few weeks Phil ran Boston and the following weekend was on the National Champion XC 80 team. Good job by all today. Welcome to the 80's Phil.



5 BOB MACKINNON 67 M YARMOUTH ME New England 65 Plus 25:56 8:21


13 JOAN TREMBERTH 76 F SCARBOROUGH ME New England 65 Plus 31:57 10:17

22 JERRY LEVASSEUR 83 M BRUNSWICK ME New England 65 Plus 53:31 17:14

ME News as of 8/29/2021

At the Almost Halfway to St. Patrick's day 5k the NE 65 Plus RC won the team club category.

Bob Randall coming back from knee surgery won the 80 age group with a PB.

Bob MacKinnon won the 60 age group and possible new member Ralph

Carmona won the 70 age group.

Photo by Jerry

Bob Randall, Marla keefe, Ralph Camona, Bob Mac Kinnon and John Gibbons

ME News as of 8/10/2021

Blue Lobster 4 Mile in Kennebunk. Me 8/8/21


1 22 BOB MACKINNON 67 32:25


1 16 ERIN CHALAT 60 28:46




1 32 CAROL WEEKS 72 35:45







32:25 51:27 59:03 59:27 = 3:22:22


Club members winning age groups were Bob MacKinnon and Carol Weeks

There was no photo due to club members Bob and Bill out helping

an injured runner.

There was also the Brad Breaker 9 mile trail race attended by a number of club members the same day.

In photo Margaritt McNulty, Martin Donlon, Zeke Zucker, Michael Millet, Jerry LeVasseur, Mike Nixon, Linda Davis and Bob Dunfey

Age group winners were Linda, Martin and Jerry

Soon to join the club is age group winner Bargara Buck age 64.

Bob Dunfey is the director of the upcoming Maine Half and Marathon .

If you have not run it you are missing an excellent race in all aspects.

Photo also of the oldest male 83 and youngest Ian Britt age 13 in the

race. Ian won the 19 and under division.

ME News as of 8/1/2021

Photo of the club members at the Peak's Island Maine 5 mile race


Randalls Run for the Gym has been named Maine Banner RACE FOR 2021 .

Saturday September 4th 2021.

We encourage all Maine NE65+ runners to sign up and support this race.

ME News As Of 7/13/2021 By Jerry LeVasseur

There were 2 races attended by club members on Sunday 7/11

The club won the club team award at the Windham Center 5K

with Bob MacKinnon, Marla Keefe and Bob Randall winning their age


The group photo honors the late Bill Morgan with the missing person. Bill

would have won his age group.

Photo Mike Nixon, Spirit of Bill Morgan,Rebecca Tracy, Marla Keefe, Bob

MacKinnon, Bob Randall, Margaritt McNulty

The other race was the 1st in the Bradbury trail series with Jerry LeVasseur

winning the 80 and soon to be a new member Martin Donlon winning the 70.

Zeke Zucker was 2nd 70.

ME News As Of 6/20/2021 By Jerry LeVasseur

Another club team win at the Raccoon Run 5K. I think that's 7 this year.

Photo Jerry LeVasseur,Rebecca Tracy, Marla Keefe, Bob MacKinnon,

Billy Morgan and Mike Nixon

Marla, Bob, Billy and Jerry also won their age group.

ME News As Of 6/18/2021 By Jerry LeVasseur

At the Thursday evening Gorham 4 Miler the New England 65 Running Club had 5

members and continued winning the club team category.

Photo Bob Mac Kinnon, Marla Keefe, Rebecca Tracy, Bill Vickerson and

Jerry LeVasseur.

Marla and Jerry continued to win their age groups. Bob, who usually wins his age group, was beaten by a very good 64 year old Floyd Lavery who will soon become a member of the club.

For the race Sunday we did not have a full team so I sent out an email.

Three more registered to give us more than a full team. What a great group of runners.

ME News As Of 6/14/2021 By Jerry LeVasseur

Team Club NE 65 Plus won again. This time at the Luv to Run 5k in Portland Maine.

We are gaining members with Arlene Hansom interested in joining.

There were 5 members at the race as shown in the photo.

Bob MacKinnon, Marla Keefe, Billy Morgan, Rebecca Tracy and Jerry LeVasseur.

The club won $50 which was donated to the race cause, a high school scholarship.

Tony has races Thursday night in Gorham and back again in Portland. We hope to have a team at each.

ME News As Of 6/07/2021 By Jerry LeVasseur

NE 65 Plus Runners Club won another Club Team First Place at the Maine Running Hall of Fame 5K in Memory of Julius Marzul.

Photo of team Bob MacKinnon, Maria Keefe, Bob Payne Jerry LeVasseur.

Photo of the 3 - 80 participants that are members of the Maine Running Hall of Fame :

Jerry LeVasseur, Bob Payne, Ron Paquette and wife DonnaJean Pohlman. Both Ron and DonnaJean will join the club.

ME News As Of 5/31/2021 By Jerry LeVasseur

Trail Festival at Pineland Farms

The photo below is of the 4 members that did the 5K by Ted Britt

Rebecca Tracey, Bill Morgan, Mike Nixon and Jerry LeVasseur.

It was put on by a new race director Back40Events

The race was well marked and manned by volunteers.

There was a band, a food truck and hamburgers for the early registrants.

The course is challenging but fun.

Generally for a race that does not spell out age groups I email the race director.

I registered late and when I got to pick up my number I found that the oldest age group was 60 plus. I explained to the race director that there should be 70 and 80 age groups. He said he was told this by others and would have the age groups next year.

Bob Kennedy would have won the 70 in the 50k and Bill Morgan in the 70 and Jerry in the 80's in the 5K.

The finishing medals were very nice.

ME News as of 5/3/2021

The club team won the club team award at the Dash to the Derby 5K in Portland Maine

There were 9 club members registered 5 of which were members of the Club Hall of Fame and 3 members of the Maine Running Hall of Fame. Polly Kenniston was not there. Another member Steve Moland did the announcing. He does an excellent job.

We had enough for 2 teams but 2 members had signed to run for the Maine Track Club.

They will not do that again. It was a windy day but a fun day for all

In front are Bob MacKinnon, Jerry LeVasseur and Steve Moland

In back are Bill Reilly Billy Morgan Zeke Zucker Rececca Tracy Bill Yickerson and Mike brooks

Scoring team photo are Bill V Jerry Zeke Bob M and Rebecca

ME News as of 4/23/2021

We would like to congratulate Zeke Zuker and Jerry LeVassuer for their achievements in the StepsToWELL-Being 2021 National Senior Games Individual Challenge. Both Zeke and Jerry contributed more than 1,000,000 steps towards an overall total of 46,223,689 steps.

Below is a message that they received from the National Senior Games acknowledging their efforts:

"On behalf of the National Senior Games Association (NSGA), Own Your Own Health, and Louisiana Governor’s Council of Physical Fitness and Sports, thank you for participating in the StepsToWELL-Being 2021 National Senior Games Individual Challenge. This is the first Challenge where we simultaneously hosted individual and team Challenges. We ended the winter/spring edition of NSGA’s Individual Step Challenge with a total of 46 million, 223 thousand, 689 steps completed.

The top eight individuals included L. Young, 2,633,489; T. Niemeyer, 1,669,086; E Borden, 1,166,236; G. Mixon, 1,125,198; P Cuino, 1,077,782; C. Zucker, 1,069,626; E. Curran, 1,051,419; and J. LeVasseur, 1,032,243 steps respectively."

Other News for the club

The National Masters T&F is in Ames Iowa at Iowa State University from July 22-25. We are putting together a NE 65 Plus club team to set the 80+ outdoor 4X400 and 4X800 national record. We need 4 but the more we have the more points the club will get. Let Jerry know if you are interested.

ME News As of 04/14/2021

Organizers of some of Maine's larger races are optimistic they will be able to host events in 2021. Check out the article at the link below:

Runners will mask up as Maine road races go to great lengths to stay safe - Portland Press Herald

ME News As of 04/11/2021

NE 65 won another club team title at the Falmouth 4 miler.

Bob Mac Kinnon and Mike Brooks will be running for us in the future.

We welcome Bob and Rebecca Tracy who are relatively new members

MALE AGE GROUP: 60 - 69 1 18 BOB MACKINNON 66 31:09 2 31 PAUL CRAIG 68 37:14 FEMALE AGE GROUP: 60 - 69 1 51 CAROLE WISE 63 49:04 2 55 REBECCA TRACY 66 57:10 MALE AGE GROUP: 70 - 79 1 28 BOB MURRAY 72 36:23 2 58 BILLY MORGAN 76 1:15:00 FEMALE AGE GROUP: 70 - 79 1 54 MARCIA FELLER 73 51:58 MALE AGE GROUP: 80 - 99 1 57 JERRY LEVASSEUR 83 1:05:19

ME News As of 03/31/2021

2021 Virtual Irish Road Rover 5K

Portland, ME – March 1-18, 2021

Timing by Pine Tree Race Services

Asked to run on the course which was difficult

Club Team Results


38:08 41:02 48:44 49:26 (1:02:56) = 2:57:20
















ME News As Of 02-25-2021

Congratulations to Jerry LeVasseur. Jerry has been named "Bowdoin Hero" by Bowdoin College in Maine for his work with the Cross Country and Track and Field teams. See article below.

ME News As Of 09-23-2020

Joan Tremberth asked Tony Myatt of Pine Tree Race Services ---- How to put on a successful virtual race.

See below for Tony's response:

When putting on virtual races especially if you are transforming a normal race to virtual keep everything as close to normal as possible. Ask people to do the regular course and give out regular prizes for overall and age group along with amenities. People will remember that you kept it close to normal and spread the word throughout the future so you get more people when regular races return.

Upcoming Maine Races:

Beach and Road 10K and Fair Election 5K underway through Oct 17 & 18th.

ME News as of 7/12/2022

Several club members do the Trail Monster Running Bradbury trail running series of 6, 9 and 12 miles. If all races are completed the participant gets a Bad Ass hoddy at the end of the 12 mile race.

At the 6 mile Scuffle on July 10 club members Margaritt McNulty and Ron Paquette won their age groups.

See photos and photo of members at the race.

Other photos at Brad Scuffle 6 mile 22 | Flickr