The 2022 NE65Plus Annual Meeting and Luncheon was held at Spinelli's Function Facility at 10 Newbury St, Peabody, MA.  on Monday September 26, 2022 at 11 AM.

Pictures from the Luncheon:

Photos From Past NE65Plus Annual Meeting Luncheons

2020 Annual Meeting and Lucheon cancelled due to COVID.

2019 Annual Meeting and Banquet

President Steve Viegas promised that Sara Mae Berman would be an interesting speaker and he was right. Sara Mae and her husband, Larry, brought very interesting visual aids and Sara Mae's humor-filled narrative of the early days of women's running kept her audience very attentive. We were so fortunate to have her with us.

Guest Speaker - Sara Mae Berman

We recognized our own Robert Randall as Race Director of the Year, who was introduced by Dan Dodson, and we installed ultra-runner, Newton Baker into our Hall of Fame. Zeke Zucker introduced him with a play on his running numbers.

Race Director of the year:


Bob Randall

Presenter: Dan Dodson

Hall of Fame Award Winner

 Newton Baker (center)

2018 Annual Meeting and Banquet

2017 Annual Meeting and Banquet

The Annual  Meeting and Banquet was held on Monday September 18, 2017.

Thanks to Jerry LeVasseur for taking pictures and posting on FLICKR.

Tom Grilk, Chief Executive Officer of the Boston Athletic Association was the key note speaker.

2013, September 30, Spinelli's Lynnfield, MA

It was a rather special occasion this year, made so mainly by the very entertaining and informative talk by our featured speaker, Dave McGillivray.

Phil and Rae signing people in.

2011, October 3, Spinelli's, Lynnfield, MA

We returned to Spinelli's after last year's very favorable experience there. The luncheon did have a different format; in place of a presentation by a distinguished speaker, there was a bow to our 20th anniversary in which five of our long-time members, two of them co-founders, talked about the Club's early days and brought us up to its current status and doings. Jim McLaughlin, typically humourous,  MC'd. Dr. Ray Cormier, Jerry Panarese, Florence Dagata and Lou Peters all contributed their own recollections about the founding of the Club, its growth, the Run for All Ages, and the awards it bestows on its own members and others who have contributed to the success of runnning in New England. Four members were inducted into the Club's Hall of Fame: Dennis Branham, Joe Cordero, Bob Hall and Doug MacGregor.  Barbara Robinson was the recipient of the Rev. Joseph Shea Award, and Dave LaBrode was named Race Director of the Year. (See Awards) Some photos taken at the luncheon appear below.

The above pictures of our speakers, in lieu of a distinguished speaker from out side the Club, presented a welcome and worthwhile review of the Club's history on this celebratory occasion of its 20th anniversary. No one would have guessed at its outset that the club would grow from a mere handful of runners to the membership of more than 700 members today, thanks in no small measure to the tireless efforts of those pictured here. 

September 27th, Spinelli's Function Facility, Lynnfield, MA

The luncheon went off very well again. Everyone seemed pleased with the new location; Spinelli's is a very nice facility. It was too bad the weather was less than ideal, prohibiting use of the deck facing Lake Suntaug. There was, however, plenty of room inside where the atmosphere was warm as the 90 plus guests enjoyed the company and the food. The awards ceremony and a talk by an invited speaker are the highlights of the affair. Our speaker this year was Kim Moody who talked in a very entertaining way about her experience in the 1984 Olympic marathon trials,which she entered with Joan Samuelson and Anne Marie ???  With great modesty she talked more about the great Joanie than about herself. She did not make the cut; needless to say Joan made it in spades. Below are pictures taken at the luncheon by our outgoing president and his wife Arden. We hope you enjoy them and help you to identify club members you see only seldom.

Bob Teschek, Race Director of the Year  

All three winners: Bob, Polly and Ken      

Our new president, Phil Pierce 

Derek Melven and Bob Armstrong 

Kim Moody 

Frances & Dennis Branham & Ann McGowan 

Bobby Fee and his Better Half           

 Dan Dodson and Florence Dagata 

Phil, Tom Abbot, Ken and Lester Friedberg    

Jo Anne and Dick Fedion and Rich Busa 

Bill Tribou and Bob Randall       

Lou Peters and Bob Randall 

Ross Dagata, Tony and Carolyn DaPonte   

 Peter Price, Jack Mroczkowsi, Anita Teschek 

Sandy Hall, Andy, Jerry and Peter Price 

Carrie Parsi and Bob Hall 

Louise Rossetti and Mary Harada      

Arden LeVasseur, Jack Doyle & Harry Hunt 

Barbara Robinson      

 Mary Anne Champeon, Mel Fineberg, Ray & Ruth Hefflefinger 

Hugh McMahon, Henry Wolstat and Marj Radin  

Milly Rhoades, Bill and Kathy Engle