The New England 65 Plus Runners Club Race Endorsement Program

Program Goal: To identify and support in-person races that promote The Club’s mission of encouraging older runners to participate in running and walking events.

New England 65 Plus Runners Club Race Endorsement Requirements:

  • Race directors can apply for the Endorsement by providing their race’s basic information and by providing an update each year to be sure that their race information is current.

  • Race must have 5-year Age Groups for 65 through at least 90 plus. We encourage races to have 3 deep awards for each Age Group, but it is not a requirement.

  • The Race will add “Endorsed by the New England 65 Plus Runners Club” logo on the race’s website Home Page with a link back to and as a credit with other sponsors on their race apparel.

Optional but Highly Recommended:

  • Provide discount registration fees for 65+ registrants, suggested minimum of $5 discount per person off the regular registration fee.

  • Add Age Graded Awards for Top 3 age graded male and female times.

What the race will get:

  • Race will be listed as an Endorsed Race on The Club’s website.

  • Race will receive $100 Endorsement Fee for 1st year and will be able to continue the endorsement for future years as long as they meet the Endorsement Requirements.

  • Race will have use of our Endorsed logo to encourage older runners to participate in their race.

  • Race can use our name in promotional materials.

  • The Club will encourage its 775 members to participate in endorsed races.