The Spirit of 65+ Club Challenges:

Ken Houle has issued a challenge to club members :

  1. Complete 1000 or more miles of running/walking in a year

1000+ Challenge

The 1000+ miles of running/walking can be all running including any race mileage, or all walking, or a combination of the two. When sending in your results keep the total running and walking mileage separate, then add the two totals together for your grand total.

We would also like to encourage sending totals of bike mileage and swimming distances for the year. They will not count in the total mileage for the run/walk challenge, but it will make for interesting statistics to share with all our members.

At the end of the year, send your totals to Ken Houle at This year we would like everyone that participates in the challenge to send in your totals. No matter if they do not total up to 1000+.

Only participants that reach 1000 or more will receive a patch, but all that participate will get recognized for their efforts by being on the list.