Procedures for Electing Members to the NE65+ Running Club Hall of Fame

April, 2006

Hall-of-Fame Committee

1. Election to the Hall of Fame will be decided by the Hall-of-Fame Committee. The

Committee will consist of all members of the Hall of Fame who have agreed to serve.

2. A subcommittee of four members will aid the chairperson(s) in all of the tasks

required for the election and installation of new members. The subcommittee will consist of

volunteers willing to assist in administrative tasks and in an advisory role. It will meet as often

as the chairperson deems necessary without undue impingement upon the members' time.

Nomination of Candidates

1. Nominations can be made by any member of the New England 65+ Running Club at

any time during the year, but they must be received before February 1 in the year in which they

are to be awarded. They can be made in a letter to the chairman of the Hall-of-Fame Committee,

or in a nomination form that is available in the Newsletter or on the Club's website

( Nominations should be mailed to the Committee chairman, currently

Philip S. Pierce, 79 Waites Landing Rd., Falmouth, ME 04105-1939.

2. Guidelines for Nominations. A set of guidelines for making a nomination is available

from the Committee chairman or online at the Club's website.

3. Upon receipt of the nominations the Committee chairman will verify the eligibility of

the nominees and then inform them in a letter that they have been nominated. He will also

request that they provide the Committee with a record of their running accomplishments if that

has not been submitted along with the nomination letter or form. A nominee may add to that

record any material he or she feels would advance his/her candidacy up until February 10.

4. Members nominated in previous years but not elected are retained on the list of

nominees for a period of three years following the first year in which they received a vote. They

will be asked to update their own records with the Committee if they have been active in the

interim. If after four years a nominee has not been elected his or her name will be removed from

the list, and he/she will be so informed. To be considered again the member must be nominated

again by a member of the club.

Distribution of Credentials to Committee Members

1. The materials submitted by the nominees or their sponsors will be copied and mailed

to every member of the Committee on or around March 1 in preparation for the meeting of the

full Committee early in April. Committee members will be asked to read the material in

preparation for voting.

2. The Committee chairman will set a date in early April for the meeting and so inform

the members at the time the materials are distributed.

Committee Meeting and Election of New Members

1. An agenda for the meeting will be the responsibility of the chairperson with the aid of

the subcommittee. If time permits an advanced copy will be sent to all of the members.

2. The main business of the meeting will be to vote for some fraction of the nominees,

with that fraction limited by the acceptance of no more than four candidates in a given year.

3. Members who know beforehand that they will be unable to attend the meeting may

request an absentee ballot from the chairman and return it in good time. Those ballots will not be

opened until the votes are counted for the members present at the meeting.

4. The voting will be by secret ballot to be tallied by the Club President and

chairperson(s) or by any two members appointed by the full Committee immediately prior to the


5. At present there is no fixed criterion for election to the Hall of Fame, such as a number

of votes or percentage of voters. The Committee will decide on the basis of the balloting in any

given year what seems to be a fair and reasonable result. The number of voting members will be

the number in attendance at the meeting plus the number that has submitted absentee ballots.

Informing the Candidates of the Election Results

1. In the week following the election all candidates will be informed of the results, and

the winners will be invited to attend the Annual Luncheon in the fall to receive their awards.

Each inductee and a guest will be guests of the Club.

2. Candidates that were not voted into the Hall of Fame in their first year of

consideration will be informed that they will be reconsidered for a period of three additional

years after the first election in which they participated.

Approved by the Board of Directors on April 27, 2006

Approved by the Board of Directors in May, 2010